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Voltello by Village Energy

Voltello LinkZB 20 Unit Bundle

Voltello LinkZB 20 Unit Bundle

Giá thông thường $2,890.00 AUD
Giá thông thường $3,980.00 AUD Giá ưu đãi $2,890.00 AUD
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Home Energy Management Gateway for Solar and Battery

Unlock flexible exports for customers with multiple inverter setups.

Save time and headaches on site with simple commissioning.

Deliver cutting-edge home automation solutions that continually evolve and distinguish your offerings from competitors.

The Voltello LinkZB is a home energy management gateway used for solar and battery optimisation for time-of-use or dynamic energy tariffs.

It supports dynamic exports and offers real-time energy monitoring. The Voltello LinkZB integrates with inverters, batteries and consumption meters using Modbus-TCP.

It enables high-resolution energy, power and power quality data, up to 1 second from the connected assets. This allows for grid edge decision making, reducing the amount of data transfer to the cloud and overall cost.

This granular data means that Village Energy's Voltello IQ platform can make decisions and verify a response in near-real-time. This reduces the likelihood of over and under dispatching resources for orchestration events such as emergency
solar management or providing market or network services.

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