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Our Vision is to shape a greener future together...

Village Energy harmonises energy management between households and utilities to seamlessly connect and manage energy assets, empowering customers for a sustainable future.

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Connected Energy Use

In an ever-evolving world, where the importance of renewable energy and sustainable practices is more prominent than ever, Village Energy is working to shape a greener future. With a clear and compelling vision and mission, Village Energy is pioneering how customer energy resources are connected to the energy system for a more sustainable world.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition to a green and sustainable future by connecting local energy resources to the energy system in a way that works.

  • Our Vision 

    Our vision is shaping a greener future together through smart, connected energy use

  • Shaping a Greener Future

    Village Energy's commitment to a greener future is reflected in our innovative solution design. We strive to find new and ever-better ways to connect local energy appliances to the energy system, moulding a more sustainable future.

  • Together

    Recognising that the transition to a greener future is a shared responsibility, Village Energy emphasises collaboration between consumers, utilities, and communities.

  • Connected Energy Management

    By connecting local energy appliances in a manner that's efficient and effective, Village Energy ensures that responsible energy management is a rewarding experience for all involved.

Village Energy's Origin Story

Village Energy was founded in 2017 by three visionaries from the energy sector: Ben, Wayne, and Yvonne. Driven by a shared passion for accelerating the energy transition through innovative technology, they envisioned a solution that combined software and hardware to tackle energy stability and poverty in some of the world's most vulnerable communities.

With seed funding secured our co-founders developed the energy technology platform that serves as the backbone of all our solutions today. Our first major demonstration took place in India, where we established microgrid projects using IoT, a mobile app, and our software platform. These projects significantly improved energy reliability and economic outcomes for both utilities and end-customers in rural and remote areas.

From India, our operations expanded to Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia, demonstrating the scalability and impact of our technology. However, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 marked a pivotal moment for Village Energy. As our overseas operations ceased almost overnight, we pivoted towards a digital, self-serve product approach, emphasising the need for resilient and adaptable energy solutions.

In the post-COVID era, we launched our new brand, Voltello, focusing primarily on the Australian market. Voltello is a home energy management platform designed to create win-win scenarios for both utilities and household customers. Our suite of products empowers households to set up home automations for their local energy resources, helping them save money, optimise their renewable energy investments, and contribute to a connected energy grid. In this grid, consumers are not just users but also producers and storers of energy.

The journey of Village Energy, from its founding days to its current role in shaping the future energy grid, is a testament to the vision and dedication of our team. Our co-founders and Directors Ben, Wayne, and Yvonne are incredibly proud of the strides we've made and the pivotal role Village Energy continues to play in the global energy transition.

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    Accelerating the Energy Transition

    Village Energy's solutions are designed to address global challenges to the energy transition, our solution has to be adaptable to address evolving needs and circumstances.

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    Connecting Energy Resources

    With the goal of connecting billions of local energy resources, Village Energy focuses on ensuring that these connections are both efficient, effective, rewarding and importantly scalable.

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    Integrating and Automating Resources

    Village Energy's technology allows for the seamless integration and management of energy appliances unlocking previously untapped energy capacity and paving the way for a higher penetration of renewable energy on the grid.

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    Empowering Consumers

    Village Energy believes in empowering consumers as active participants in the energy ecosystem, recognising them as not just consumers but also producers and storers of energy.

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    A Greener Future

    At the heart of all these endeavours is a commitment to
    fostering a green and sustainable future for all.

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    Our customers are at the centre of our design philosophy. We prioritise making our products simple and accessible. We ensure that our solutions are not only effective but also user-friendly and supportive.

Our Achievements

✅ Winner of the Australian Technologies Competition.

✅ Named as an APAC 25 Company.

✅ Named in the HolonIQ Climatetech 100 AUS/NZ .

✅ Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited.

✅ CSIP-AUS compliant.

✅ Compatible with inverters covering 50% of Australian solar market.

✅ Suite of products including smart apps, IoT devices and software.

Voltello LinkPro & LinkZB seamlessly pairs with your preferred inverter brands

including Fronius, SMA, Huawei, iStore and Sungrow with more coming soon...