Village Energy's Solar Gateway Devices Achieve CEC Accreditation for Fronius Inverters

Village Energy's Solar Gateway Devices Achieve CEC Accreditation for Fronius Inverters

We are excited to announce that our Voltello LinkZB and LinkPro solar management gateways have achieved CEC Accreditation for Fronius inverters. This milestone is particularly important for sites with multiple Fronius inverters wishing to meet Flexible Export requirements. Stay tuned for announcements about iStore and Huawei inverter accreditation. 

Our LinkZB and LinkPro products are SAPN verified and certified by the Clean Energy Council as CSIP-AUS compliant and can be installed by anyone.

They communicate with, and controls inverters over home Wi-Fi, enabling 5-second energy, power and power quality data from the inverter and consumption meter. The Voltello suite of products has been designed to ensure households are ready to participate in network services, like demand response, time-of-use or variable tariff plans, VPPs and flexible imports and exports. Households get complete visibility of solar and inverter control events, so they know when their solar exports or generation are being curtailed, such as during emergency solar management or a flexible export limit. 

Key Benefits of Voltello LinkZB and LinkPro:

  • Low-cost: No electrician is required for installation, saving consumers hundreds of dollars.
  • Multi-Inverter: Supports multiple inverters and brands at a single premise.
  • Multi-Asset: In addition to solar, customers can connect and control their battery, air conditioning and other large energy sources or loads.
  • Real-time Consumption: Smart meter integration provides access to near real-time energy data.
  • Self-Onboarding: Simplifies the customer journey to support mass adoption or easy Installer provisioning.

Advancing Flexible Export Capabilities

Our efforts build on the flexible export capabilities introduced in South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland. These capabilities allow for dynamic management of energy exported from rooftop solar systems to the electricity grid, maximising returns on solar energy investments and contributing to a more stable and efficient grid.

For households with older solar systems that cannot respond to control signals, Village Energy is committed to providing solutions that enable these systems to participate in the benefits of Flexible Exports, potentially through retrofitting with devices like our Voltello LinkZB or LinkPro.

Get Involved

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to drive innovation in the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid, ensuring you stay ahead in the renewable energy landscape.

For households with multiple Fronius inverters interested in unlocking Flexible Exports, explore our LinkZB and LinkPro Solar Management Gateways here.

For Solar Installers in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland register for one of our upcoming Product Briefing Sessions to learn more about our products. Sign up here to participate and ensure your energy solutions are future-proofed with Village Energy.

We are proud of our achievements and look forward to sharing more exciting updates as we move forward.

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