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Voltello LinkPro

Voltello LinkPro

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Voltello LinkPro Home Energy Management Gateway: Ultimate Control, Optimised Solar Exports

All the benefits of the Voltello LinkZB but includes an Ethernet interface. 

SAPN Verified | CEC Certified

Are you paying to export to the grid? Voltello by Village Energy eliminates that problem. For Amber Electric customer, the LinkPro syncs with your Amber buy and sell prices to manage curtailment.

The Voltello LinkPro features include:

- Ethernet interface, meaning it can be plugged in or use Wi-Fi

- 5 second data and near real time inverter response verification

- 2-year app subscription is included with your LinkPro purchase, valued at $40

- Grid edge decisions and VPP ready

- Optimise with other loads to reduce energy costs

- User friendly app to manage automation

- Supports multiple inverters and multiple brands

Need a costly meter installed to manage exports? Voltello overcomes this with its plug and play solution. In the future the LinkPro will be able to support a Zigbee interface with a compatible smart meter and this will be available via a remote software update. This will be for the ZSE (Zigbee Smart Energy Profile) only.

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