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Voltello AirFlex

Voltello AirFlex

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Voltello AirFlex Smart AC Controller: Ultimate Comfort, Optimized Savings

- Smart Savings with Time-of-Use: Voltello AirFlex automatically syncs and optimises your split system air conditioner in line with your time-of-use energy tariff. For Amber Electric customer, AirFlex syncs with your Amber buy price. 

- Exclusive Access to Voltello App: Seamlessly connect with the Voltello app to get real-time insights, controls, and much more, all at your fingertips. 2-year app subscription is included with your AirFlex purchase, valued at $40.

- Option to connect other appliances: Get access to other automation and optimisation plans for appliances like rooftop solar.

- Illuminate Your Nights: With a 56x56mm ultra-large LCD screen, it lights up when sensing motion within a 5cm range and remains illuminated for 10 seconds.

Hands-Free Voice Activation: Effortlessly integrate with Amazon Alexa or Google Home for voice-controlled adjustments.

- Compatibility Like No Other: From mini-splits to window units, if your AC works with a 38KHz remote control, it’s a match with Voltello AirFlex. (Is my AC compatible?)

- Stay Ahead of the Curve: Set and forget with the tariff profile settings. Your tariff, your rules.

- Your Comfort Zone: Define your preferences and comfort zone to ensure the ideal temperature settings. 

Step into the future of smart cooling and heating. Experience uncompromised comfort while saving on energy bills. Choose Voltello AirFlex. Add to cart now! 🛒

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