Offer Flexible exports 
for more of your

Voltello Link is an installer-led solution that unlocks flexible exports for single and multiple inverter installs. 


Voltello LinkPro & LinkZB

Plug-and-play flexible exports, SAPN vertified with the Clean Energy Council certification coming soon


Ensuring Quality, Compliance & Performance

SAPN Verified | Clean Energy Council Certified 


RRP $199.00 AUD

Voltello LinkPro & LinkZB seamlessly pairs with your preferred inverter brands

including Fronius, iStore and Huawei with more coming soon...


Coming soon...


Say hello to flexible exports

Multiple inverter site?

Seamless integration with multi-inverter sites for Fronius, iStore and Huawei.

None CSIP-compliant inverter?

Our SAPN-verified platform makes flexible exports accessible for major inverter brands.

The Future of Connectivity is Here: Watch How Voltello Link Works

Benefits for the installers

✓ Unlock flexible exports for customers with multiple inverter setups. 

✓ Save time and headaches on site with simple commissioning. 

✓ A lower-cost gateway solution that saves you and your customers money. 

✓ Deliver cutting-edge home automation solutions that continually evolve and distinguish your offerings from competitors.

Benefits for customers

Gain real-time control and insights into your energy use with the Voltello App

Increase exports! Enjoy access to flexible exports now!

Complete visibility and reporting of curtailment events

Contribute to a cleaner and more resilient energy future

Increase earnings by maximising solar production and exports

Let’s talk specifications:

✓ SAPN compliant with Clean Energy Council certification in progress; 

✓ Works with major inverter brands - Fronius, iStore and Huawei with others coming soon; 

✓ Real-time monitoring and control with Voltello App; 

✓ Event visibility for curtailment and grid updates;

✓ Forecast curtailment visibility (coming soon); and 

✓ Streamline on-site installation, saving time and reducing commissioning complications. 

Voltello's Smart Energy Management

Amber Electric ready

Amber Electric customers can access more savings with Voltello's Amber API integration. Household inverters and appliances automatically adjust to Amber buy and sell prices.

AirFlex smart thermostat

Voltello AirFlex is a touch screen smart thermostat for any split-system air conditioner. Easily installed by customers, it gives households access to smart automations saving on home climate control.

Solar pre-heating and cooling

Voltello Solar and HVAC Optimisation is coming, intelligently tracking solar production and prices to heat and cool the home based on customer preferences. Automatic adjustments  drive savings for hassle-free, smart energy management.

Tesla Solar Soak

Voltello will soon integrate with the Tesla suite. This will pave the way for multiple Tesla products such as Solar Soak allowing Tesla vehicle owners to intelligently charge their cars using excess solar production maximising the use of renewable energy and increasing the value of home solar systems.

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Why Choose Village Energy
for Flexible Exports?

Experience & expertise in simplifying complex energy solutions.

Village Energy is a leading provider of innovative energy solutions, committed to simplifying complex systems and empowering customers to make the most of their renewable energy investments. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a sustainable energy future, we offer industry-leading expertise and reliable support.

Wholesale Products

These product collections are for installers and wholesalers.

Installer FAQs

Who is Village Energy and what is Voltello?

Village Energy is based in Perth, Western Australia. We are an energy technology company established in 2017. Village Energy works with households and energy companies to address energy challenges by using grid-edge technology to help manage Local Energy Resources like rooftop solar, batteries, EV’s and smart appliances.Voltello is the brand name used for Village Energy's products.Village Energy builds solutions tailored specifically to solving the challenges of the energy transition.You can read more about us in our Company Brochure.

How can I get in touch with Village Energy?

If you want to get in touch with our team with a question, comment , support request or feature suggestion, please submit a ticket to us using this form.

You can also email us directly at We monitor our support inbox very closely and will get back to you as soon as we can!

Thank you for your interest in reaching out to us.

What is your return policy?

Voltello offers a 60-day return policy for unused devices in their original packaging. If the product is defective, we provide a replacement or full refund within the warranty period.

Is the bulk order discount available only for wholesalers purchasing the 10-unit bundle, or can it apply to smaller quantities?

While the 10-unit bundle discount is a standard offering, we can provide custom discounts for smaller quantities on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our sales team for personalised

Voltello Products support all types of inverters

LinkZB integrates seamlessly with any inverter, including Fronius, SMA, Sungrow, Huawei, and more.


SAPN Verified | Smart Energy Council Certified - Ensuring Quality, Compliance & Performance

  • Unlock flexible exports for ALL customers, regardless of inverter brand.

  • Maximize income with Fronius & mixed inverter setups. No limitations!

  • Real-time control & event notifications with the user-friendly Voltello App.

  • Amber-ready & easy installation - Get started quickly and seamlessly

  • Low-cost hardware, high-value solution - Expand your reach without breaking the bank.


Voltello by Village Energy – Your Gateway to Maximum Savings through Efficient Energy Management!


Key features:

  • CSIP compliant with SAPN verification.

  • Works with any inverter brand - Fronius, SMA, Sungrow, Huawei, and more.

  • Real-time monitoring & control with Voltello App.

  • Event notifications for curtailment & grid updates.

  • Forecast curtailment notifications (coming soon).

  • Amber Virtual Power Plant ready.

  • Smart Energy Council certified.

  • Easy installation for minimal downtime.

Benefits for installers:

  • Expand your services to Fronius owners & customers with mixed inverter brands.

  • Simplify installations with our installer-friendly design.

  • Offer a unique & valuable solution to stand out from the competition.

Benefits for customers:

  • Increase earnings by maximizing solar generation & selling excess energy back to the grid.

  • Gain real-time control & insights into your energy use with the Voltello App.

  • Contribute to a cleaner & more resilient energy future.

  • Get notified of & proactively manage curtailment events.

  • Enjoy seamless compatibility with the Amber Virtual Power Plant.

Voltello LinkZB
$159.00 AUD


Why Choose Village Energy for Flexible Exports?

Experience & expertise in simplifying complex energy solutions.

Village Energy is a leading provider of innovative energy solutions, committed to simplifying complex systems and empowering customers to make the most of their renewable energy investments. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a sustainable energy future, we offer industry-leading expertise and reliable support.

How does Voltello work?

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    Voltello devices provide capabilities to control rooftop solar systems, battery storage and air conditioners to make the most of energy prices.
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    Voltello monitors data about energy. prices and your preferences and automatically makes adjustments to save you money.
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    You can set up, view, and make adjustments to your automations and preferences from anywhere, and add more appliances and automations as they are released.

Install Voltello LinkZB in 4 simple steps

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Receive a tailored proposal based on your specific clientele and project requirements.
Our experienced team provides comprehensive guidance and assistance before and throughout the installation process.
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