Village Energy Announces the Launch of Voltello

Village Energy Announces the Launch of Voltello

Village Energy, a leader in innovative energy solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its new product brand, Voltello, and its cutting-edge smart thermostat product, the Voltello AirFlex. The AirFlex will complement existing solar and battery optimisation products, automating savings on heating and cooling by adjusting settings based on energy prices without compromising on comfort. The Voltello AirFlex will be available in December, initially it will only be available to Amber Electric customers, marking the next evolution in energy management.

Voltello: The Catalyst for Local Energy Management

Voltello represents the convergence of innovation, sustainability, and user empowerment. By seamlessly connecting homes, grids, and renewable resources, Voltello paves the way for a greener and more efficient energy future.


Key Pillars of Voltello:

  1. Seamless Energy Management: In a rapidly evolving energy landscape, Voltello offers a seamless energy management solution that simplifies the complexities of optimising local energy resources. Customers gain control over their energy usage, optimise efficiency and reduce costs whilst contributing to a greener future.
  2. User-friendly Experience: User-friendly products are essential in a world where consumers want ease and convenience. The Voltello app lets customers monitor and control their local energy resources with powerful automations linked to energy sources and prices.
  3. Cost-effective Investment: Energy costs are rising, making cost-effective solutions crucial for consumers and businesses. Voltello helps customers save on energy bills, ensuring their investment in energy management technology pays off.
  4. Environmental Impact: Increasing environmental concerns are driving demand for eco-friendly products and solutions. Customers can reduce their carbon footprint and actively contribute to a more sustainable future by using Voltello.
  5. Smart Grid Integration: As energy grids decentralise, integration becomes vital for grid stability and efficient use of renewable energy sources. Voltello ensures customers' local energy resources seamlessly integrate with the grid, maximising renewable energy use and grid reliability.


Introducing Voltello AirFlex: A Game-Changer in Air Conditioning Energy Management

The Voltello AirFlex revolutionises air conditioning energy management, redefining comfort and savings. This product stands out with its:
  • Automatic optimisation of air conditioning in line with energy prices such as Amber Electric's wholesale energy prices.
  • Maximisation of energy efficiency with energy sources like rooftop solar and batteries.
  • Seamless integration with smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home.
  • Customisable control via the Voltello app, aligning preferences with energy prices.


The Future of Home Energy Automation
Voltello AirFlex is the first in a series of innovative products that will soon be available to households across Australia. With Voltello, customers hold the power to a greener, smarter, and more cost-efficient tomorrow.


About Village Energy
Village Energy is dedicated to empowering individuals and utilities to reshape the energy landscape. Our mission is to create a sustainable and efficient world for generations to come through innovative energy solutions.


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