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Voltello LinkZB

Voltello LinkZB

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Voltello LinkZB Home Energy Management Gateway: Ultimate Control, Optimised Solar Exports

Are you paying to export to the grid? Voltello LinkZB by Village Energy eliminates that problem. For Amber Electric customer, the LinkZB syncs with your Amber buy and sell prices to manage curtailment.

The Voltello LinkZB features include:

- SAPN Verified | CEC Certified

- 5 second data and near real time inverter response verification

- Grid edge decisions and VPP ready

- Optimise with other loads to reduce energy costs

- User friendly app to manage automation

- 2-year app subscription is included with your LinkZB purchase, valued at $40

- Supports multiple inverters and multiple brands

Key benefits of using the LinkZB devices are:

- Low-cost, no professional installation required: Can be installed by customers or installers. No licensed electrician required.

- One device for multiple inverters: Multi-Asset support for multiple inverters.

- Exclusive Access to Voltello App: Seamlessly connect with the Voltello app to get real-time insights, controls, and much more, all at your fingertips.

- Know what's happening in real-time: Granular data with 5-second intervals for near-real-time verification and real-time consumption with smart meter integration.

- Various Communication Options: Communication to PV inverters using the Sunspec Modbus protocol. Connection via customer’s home network (Wi-Fi) giving greater data frequency and control than via API.

- Compatibility Like No Other: Currently supports Fronius, Sungrow, SMA, Huawei, and Fronius Hybrid Inverters. (Is my inverter compatible?)

Step into the future of smart inverter management. Automate your solar exports reliably to avoid negative FiT. Choose Voltello LinkZB. Add to cart now! 🛒

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