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Voltello by Village Energy

Sensibo for Amber Subscription

Sensibo for Amber Subscription

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Voltello 'Aircon for Amber' Subscription for Sensibo Owners

Already own Sensibo devices? This Bring-Your-Own-Device subscription allows you to access all the benefits of the Voltello app and the 'Aircon for Amber' automation plan without buying any new hardware.

Simply purchase our monthly or annual subscription plan and start saving $100s on your split-system air conditioning usage.

- Smart Savings with Time-of-Use: Our Voltello app automatically syncs and optimises your split system air conditioners in line with your time-of-use energy tariff. For Amber Electric customer, Voltello syncs with your Amber buy price. 

- Take your Sensibo scheduling to the next level: Simply connect the Voltello app to your existing Sensibo devices so they automatically adjust based on energy prices. 

- Set up price-based pre-cooling: Enable pre-cool on your Sensibo devices to make the most of cheaper energy and pre-cool your home more efficiently. 

- Avoid expensive aircon use during price spikes: Enable 'force off' in the Voltello app to automatically turn off your aircon during price spikes to avoid exposure to costly energy tariffs. 

- Exclusive access to Voltello App: Seamlessly connect with the Voltello app to get real-time insights, controls, and much more, all at your fingertips. 

- Option to connect other appliances: Get access to other automation and optimisation plans for appliances like rooftop solar.

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