Australia is leading the way in the green energy revolution. With the government's goal to reach 82% of electricity coming from renewables like solar and wind by 2030, the shift to green is happening. Aussie homeowners are driving this – with over 3.5 million solar PV setups and a 55% increase in household battery installations just last year. Moreover, one in four homes now use smart technology to manage their energy.

Yet, while we're embracing solar panels, batteries, and smart tech, many households are missing simple ways to manage these assets to make the most of available energy tariffs and optimise their home energy usage.

Have split-systems?

Want smart climate control that saves you money?

Voltello AirFlex can save you $100s per year on heating and cooling. 

Voltello AirFlex
$99.00 AUD

Compatible with any split system aircon that is controlled with an infrared remote, AirFlex adjusts your aircon temperature based on your Amber buy price.

  • Depending on your climate zone, heating and cooling can account for 20% to 50% of energy used in Australian homes. And navigating changing energy tariffs is complex. Without the right tools, you can miss out on potential savings on tariffs that aim to reward energy-smart behaviour.

  • Smart thermostats are an excellent option if you want to save money on your energy bills while still enjoying the convenience of modern living. But setting up your thermostat to heat and cool your home when energy prices are low is complex and time consuming.

Here's how Voltello AirFlex can help you get the best out of your energy tariff:

Smart Synchronisation: Voltello AirFlex automatically syncs with your Amber buy price, ensuring you use energy wisely and avoid or minimise energy use during a price spike.

Complete Control: You set your preferred temperature range in the Voltello app. The 'Aircon for Amber' automation plan adjusts your temperature based on your Amber buy price and the preferences you've set.

Real-time Monitoring: Amber refresh their price every 5 minutes, so that's how often we check it. When the Amber price moves above or below the prices that you nominate, the temperature will get adjusted.

Cost Savings: By automatically optimising your aircon energy usage and reducing reliance on grid energy, Voltello AirFlex helps you save on your electricity bills. by reducing energy use when prices are high.

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Have solar or a battery?

Want export control of your solar that works with your battery?

Voltello LinkZB & LinkPro can help you save and get control...

Voltello LinkZB & LinkPro
$159.00 AUD

Both the LinkZB and LinkPro are Home Energy Management Gateways for exports control. The LinkZB is the original Voltello product with the LinkPro on pre-order for early 2024, including an Ethernet interface with Zigbee interface coming soon. Both integrate with inverters, batteries and consumption meters.

  • In Australia, 1 in 3 homes have rooftop solar, causing feed-in tariffs to decrease, even turning negative. Solar owners with inverter control can benefit by exporting when tariffs are high, curbing solar during low or negative tariffs, and participating in demand response.

  • However, inverter control is essential, and many lack it, necessitating costly retrofits or coding skills for reliable solutions. Professional installations are often required, making the management of rooftop solar systems challenging for some homeowners.

Here's how Voltello LinkZB and LinkPro can help you get the best out of your rooftop solar:

Self-onboarding – Use the Voltello app to self-onboard so set up does not require an electrician install, which can save hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Low-cost - The device is low-cost and discrete compared to other solutions on the market.

Smart Synchronisation: Voltello LinkZB and LinkPro automatically syncs with your Amber buy and sell prices, ensuring you avoid exports during periods of negative FiTs.

Broad compatibility: Compatible inverters include Fronius, Huawei, SMA and Sungrow. Enphase will be supported soon.

Multi-Asset - Supports multiple inverters at a single premise and multiple inverter brands at any premise.

Granular data – 5-second data provides high-resolution energy, power and power quality data. Integrate with inverters and batteries using Modbus-TCP. Enabling high-resolution energy, power and power quality data, from connected assets for local decision making and control.

Real-time Consumption - Smart meter integration and access to real-time data using Zigbee is coming soon for the LinkPro, allowing for zero export control using AMI meter data obtained via Zigbee.

LinkPro Ethernet & Zigbee: They LinkPro ​includes an Ethernet interface and in the future will be able to support a Zigbee interface with a compatible smart meter with a remote software update available to existing LinkPro customers.

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    Voltello devices provide capabilities to control rooftop solar systems, battery storage and air conditioners to make the most of energy prices.

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