Why Are My Energy Bills Going Up? 6 Insights from the Latest AER Report.

Why Are My Energy Bills Going Up? 6 Insights from the Latest AER Report.

Energy prices are on the rise globally, and the reasons behind this are many and various. If you've recently glanced at your energy bill and wondered why it's higher than before, you're not alone. Many households across Australia are asking the same question. To shed some light on this, let's delve into 6 insights from the latest report by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) released on 5th October.


1. The Good News: Improvements in 2023
Firstly, let’s start with a silver lining. 2023 has seen the energy sector stabilise, with fewer shocks than the year before. Thanks to milder winter temperatures and improved generation availability, the energy system has been a bit steadier. Governmental interventions in coal and gas markets have also played a role.

2. Wholesale Prices and Their Impact
However, stability doesn't always translate to lower prices. While wholesale electricity and gas prices have gone down from their 2022 peaks, they're still quite high when we look at historical standards. These wholesale prices directly influence what you see on your retail bill. In 2022-23, many regions saw their electricity bills jump by 9% to 20%.

3. The Weather's Role
You might have noticed longer electricity interruptions, mostly unplanned, in 2023. These disruptions are largely due to significant weather events we experienced this year, and while gas pipelines remained stable, the power outages did have a role to play in the energy costs.

4. The Rise of Solar
One of the remarkable transformations in the energy sector is the growing dominance of renewable sources, especially solar. Households with rooftop solar panels have been producing more energy, accounting for a 15% growth since 2021. This has led to reduced grid demand in the middle of the day. However, it's also led to some peculiar market behaviours, like negative prices in the wholesale market. When there's too much supply from all these solar panels and not enough demand, the price can drop below zero!

5. The Challenges of Transitioning
Transitioning to cleaner energy sources and aiming for net-zero emissions is a monumental task. While the AER report applauds the progress, it also outlines some hurdles. We need to ensure that energy remains affordable, coordinate the different sources of power, and effectively deliver on major infrastructure projects. All these challenges have a ripple effect on our bills.

6. What's Being Done?
The AER is not just observing; they're acting. They're working on regulatory frameworks to support this transition, ensuring they remain adaptable to the shifting energy landscape. From the consumer's standpoint, the AER is also putting measures in place to support those facing increasing energy debts and is enhancing tools like the "Energy Made Easy" comparator website to help you make informed choices.


How Village Energy Can Help?

In the face of these challenges, Village Energy provides a solution that empowers consumers and utilities alike to navigate the complex energy landscape.


Navigating Rising Wholesale Prices: Village Energy's Voltello suite of products offers households the ability to monitor and manage their energy consumption in real-time. Village Energy has a range of products that allow consumers to manage large appliances efficiently, taking advantage of special or time-of-use tariffs. This can translate to significant savings on household energy bills. By having better insights and control over energy use, households can adapt to periods when wholesale prices are high, thereby reducing their retail bills.

Future-Proofing the Grid: The transition to cleaner energy is complex. Voltello smart devices help households navigate this change by optimising their energy use around the most efficient and cost-effective sources available. This can involve integrating multiple energy sources, coordinating their use, and ensuring that household benefits from grid incentives and improvements in the energy sector. Village Energy's Voltello platform is designed to support utilities and households by enabling real-time demand-response services and personalised energy management, thereby enhancing efficiency.

Enabling Consumer Choices: While the AER is enhancing tools to help consumers make informed decisions, the Voltello app provides real-time insights into energy consumption patterns. This data can be invaluable to households when managing energy appliances, assessing the real-time benefit of solar or battery storage, understanding which habits or appliances are costing the most and setting up automations around their energy consumption. And with Village Energy’s Voltello app, consumers can enrol their appliances into energy plans offered by their utilities or retailer, giving them access to grid incentives.

Supporting Renewable Integration: The rise of solar has shown both benefits and challenges. Village Energy's solutions support utilities in balancing the grid and increasing renewable penetration, thereby facilitating a smoother transition to green energy sources. With Voltello, households can further maximise the advantages of their solar panels and storage. By intelligently optimising when to draw power from the grid versus when to use stored solar energy, households can avoid periods of negative pricing and ensure they're getting the most financial benefit from their solar installations.

Connected Energy Experience: Village Energy’s vision goes beyond traditional home energy management. We have developed Voltello as a 'connected energy management' solution that works with the grid and across households. We believe that together, we can redefine how energy is consumed, stored, and shared. We are committed to a sustainable energy future where every household and business can actively contribute to a cleaner, greener world.

In a nutshell, the changing landscape of energy in Australia, while aiming for commendable goals, comes with its set of challenges that impact our bills. The AER's latest report provides a clear snapshot of these dynamics. Village Energy's Voltello products align seamlessly with the evolving energy landscape in Australia. By offering households the tools and devices to better monitor, manage, and optimise their energy use, Voltello helps to address the challenges highlighted in the AER's report. These products empower households to adapt and thrive in this changing environment, aiming for reduced energy bills and a more sustainable energy future.

Reference: "State of the energy market report" by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), released 5th October.

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