What an incredible year!

What an incredible year!

As the year draws to a close, we're excited to share with you the significant strides we've made. As we reflect on the past year, it's clear that our journey has been a mix of highs and lows, each playing a crucial role in shaping our path forward.

Members of our India team visited us in Perth for Strategic Planning earlier this year, resulting in our revamped Vision, Mission, and Values, helping crystallise our 2023-24 goals, including direct B2C sales. This strategic pivot has set a new course for our company.

We launched our Linkit+ app giving consumers access to thousands of Tuya smart devices, and we rebranded EnergyEasy to Voltello. Both our Linkit+ and Voltello apps made their debut in the Apple and Google Play Stores, marking a significant milestone. The creation and launch of our trademarked Voltello brand have been a highlight of this year and a prerequisite to our venture into B2C sales. We operationalised our customer support and logistics as part of our direct engagement with consumers.

We've strengthened our focus on the domestic market. While we decommissioned our inaugural India-based pilot project, we continue with the delivery of projects in Vietnam and Indonesia. Our collaboration with Amber Electric is expected to ramp up in 2024, and we have an evolving collaboration with another Eastern State utility.

We've enriched our product suite with the addition of three new products, the AirFlex, LinkZB, and LinkPro, and launched our online store. And we hosted our first booth at the AllEnergy Conference in Melbourne, where we were able to showcase and sell our LinkPro.

This year has been one of transformation, growth, and laying the groundwork for an even more successful future. We look forward to sharing more updates for the exciting year ahead in 2024.

Have a wonderful holiday season,

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