How Village Energy is Redefining the Customer Experience in the Energy Sector

How Village Energy is Redefining the Customer Experience in the Energy Sector

In an era where everything is expected instantly, the energy sector is no exception. Consumer expectations, needs, and preferences are evolving at an incredibly rapid pace. The demand for real-time updates and service interactions has never been higher, and the traditional ways of engagement are no longer sufficient.

Digital enablement is transforming processes, and what used to be simply personalisation is shifting to hyper-personalisation. Welcome to the new normal where real-time is the expectation, and where companies like Village Energy are redefining the customer experience with a host of solutions and features.


The Need for Hyper-Personalisation

Today's consumer doesn't just want information. They want it tailored to their specific needs, preferences, and situations. Whether it's connecting with new energy incentives or receiving notifications of an upcoming energy event, they want engagement that is relevant and in real-time.

Hyper-personalisation goes beyond enhancing consumer engagement. It simplifies the customer journey by anticipating and automating touchpoints, leading to improved retention and extended customer lifetime value.


Village Energy Solution and Features

Village Energy has taken a scientific approach grounded in evidence-based design in developing its platform. The result is a consumer experience that reinvents how consumers view energy consumption.

Village Energy’s home energy management solution (HEMS) is delivered through our Voltello platform, consisting of a mobile app (Voltello App), an on-line dashboard (Voltello IQ) and hardware to provide localised control of energy resources (Voltello Hardware).

The Village Energy’s Voltello app goes beyond convenience. It brings in features like new energy plans, real-time energy consumption and energy flows, appliance-level automations, customer support, and instant rewards.


Some of the key features of the mobile app are:

  • Configurable energy plans/offers/products presented to the customer in the mobile app such as TOU automation, demand response, VPPs and behind the meter automation.
  • Real time energy data – energy and power data of all connected assets visible in the mobile app.
  • Customer preferences – customers maintain control and can dynamically set their preferences on the app to determine how and when their assets participate e.g. temperature range, minimum battery state of charge or price.
  • Rich Push Notifications – Easily engage with customers via the mobile app. Customers can opt out of orchestration events via the rich push notification. Customers can also be alerted via notification of an emergency solar management event or when export control is enabled for flexible exports.
  • Customer Support – Integration to retailer support desk, AI support, knowledge base, Q&As.
  • Delegated Access - Multiple premises can be managed such as homes of family and friends, investment properties and holiday homes.
  • Simple onboarding – Customer’s energy resources can be connected and enrolled in Demand Flexibility programs and VPPs within minutes.
  • Digital wallet and microtransactions – Customers can easily see when their assets have been orchestrated by the utility and any financial rewards or incentives can be viewed in the digital wallet.


Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Energy Engagement

The energy sector is facing a shift in consumer expectations. The days of one-size-fits-all communication are gone, replaced by a demand for real-time, hyper-personalised engagement.

Village Energy stands at the forefront of this change, offering solutions that not only meet but exceed consumer expectations. By embracing digital tools and focusing on creating well-designed, intuitive experiences, they are setting a new standard for customer interaction.

Energy providers looking to engage digitally-oriented consumers and increase digital adoption recognise that digital service design is no longer an option but a necessity. Village Energy's approach proves that traditional channel strategies are outdated, and that a new, customer-centric focus is required to succeed in the modern energy landscape.

In a world where real-time is the new normal, Village Energy is showing the way forward, creating connected and satisfying experiences that are changing how we think about energy consumption and customer engagement. Their innovative approach is not only a win for consumers but a shining example for the entire energy sector.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our products or the next stage of our journey. Let's shape a greener future together through rewarding energy management.

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