From Australia to Colombia: Village Energy's Vision Represented at the 2023 P4G Summit

From Australia to Colombia: Village Energy's Vision Represented at the 2023 P4G Summit

We are elated that our CEO, Wayne Liubinskas is flying from the shores of Australia this week around the globe to Colombia. Wayne is attending the prestigious 2023 Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 - P4G Colombia Summit, representing Village Energy and our active involvement in the innovative Digitising Energy Partnership. 


About the Digitising Energy Partnership
The partnership aims to redefine the electricity landscape, primarily focusing on Indonesia and Vietnam. The Digitising Energy partnership is exploring how customer-owned energy appliances can be integrated into the energy grid with the aim of improving profitability, amplifying grid performance, and maximising the use of renewables.

P4G’s grant contribution is the backing the partnership leveraged to launch a digital platform that integrates with advanced meters to improve grid performance whilst rewarding household customers.

With smart grid innovations like these, consumers can enjoy enhanced control over their energy consumption whilst also supporting the energy system. Village Energy’s platform will ensure real-time monitoring and automation of appliances in a way that is both easy and affordable. As both Indonesia and Vietnam pivot towards a sustainable shift away from fossil fuels, such initiatives stand at the forefront of this green energy transition.

During the P4G partnership, we aim to connect household assets to assist in network operations to enable automated demand response. This is a first-of-its-kind smart grid application for household customers in both markets.


P4G Colombia Summit 2023: A Glimpse
Set to take place between September 22-23, the P4G Colombia Summit will be a fusion of ideas, innovations, and influential leaders from various sectors of the globe. The primary focus of the summit is to elevate and advance climate partnerships and early-stage businesses that can help countries deliver on their climate and development goals.

This summit offers an invitation-only unique platform, with its themes centred around Biodiversity, Energy Transition, and Sustainable Cities. It will include engaging sessions on innovative climate finance and exploring the journey towards a just energy transition.

The Summit will include accelerator roundtables, which are designed to bridge the gap between partnerships, projects, and stakeholders. Green entrepreneurs will be utilising the summit as an opportunity to pitch their ideas, attract potential investors and garner valuable feedback.


Village Energy at the Forefront
Our CEO's participation in this exciting summit underlines Village Energy's commitment to a sustainable future. As part of the Digitising Energy Partnership, along with our esteemed partners Hivos, VIOT technologies, and Rocky Mountain Institute, we are eager to drive transformative change.

You can join us as we participate in these exciting discussions by catching all the action from the P4G Summit, by registering for the livestream here.

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