Flexible Exports are Coming: What’s Next with Village Energy?

Flexible Exports are Coming: What’s Next with Village Energy?

Exciting Developments in Our Strategic Partnership with iStore and Milestones in Certification

Since our last update on flexible exports and their positive impact on households, Village Energy has been moving forward with significant developments in the renewable energy sector. We were thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with iStore, a leader in innovative sustainable energy solutions. This collaboration aims to integrate Village Energy’s gateway devices with iStore inverters, aligning with the new CSIP-AUS requirements mandated by SolarVic. Starting from July 1, 2024, this initiative will extend to South Australia and Queensland, with potential expansions into other states soon after.

In another exciting update, Village Energy has reached a significant milestone in SAPN compliance. Our platform has successfully passed SAPN witness testing for the Fronius Primo and Symo series inverters — both 1 phase and 3 phase models. Achieving this on our first attempt, and without any errors, is not only unusual but speaks volumes about the reliability and effectiveness of our technology. 

We are already progressing with similar testing for other inverter models, and are simultaneously working on iStore integration and certification. These achievements are steps toward fulfilling our commitment to making solar energy more available and beneficial for households across Australia.

This progress builds on the flexible export capabilities introduced in South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland, which have allowed for a more dynamic management of energy exported from rooftop solar systems to the electricity grid. Our efforts aim to unlock Flexible Exports for more customers, ensuring households can maximise the returns on their solar energy investments and contribute to a more stable and efficient grid.

For households with older solar systems that cannot respond to control signals, the transition may pose certain limitations. However, Village Energy is committed to providing solutions that enable these systems to participate in the benefits of Flexible Exports, potentially through retrofitting with devices like our Voltello LinkZB or LinkPro.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to drive innovation in the integration of renewable energy sources into the national grid, ensuring you stay ahead in the renewable energy landscape.

For Households interested in unlocking Flexible Exports, take a look at our LinkZB and LinkPro Solar Management Gateways here.

For Solar Installers in South Australia, we invite you to contact us to learn more about our products. Sign up here to participate in a Product Briefing Session and ensure your energy solutions are future-proofed with Village Energy.

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