Connected Energy Management: Rewarding and Engaging Energy Consumers in the New Energy Era

Connected Energy Management: Rewarding and Engaging Energy Consumers in the New Energy Era

In an era where energy is becoming decentralised and consumer expectations are rapidly evolving, connected home energy management is emerging as an essential extension to the energy providers toolkit. By embracing intelligent technologies and personalising the energy experience, home energy management systems are revolutionising the way consumers interact with their energy providers. Let's explore how solutions like Village Energy’s Voltello Platform are unleashing home energy management to support the energy system and reward and engage energy consumers.


What is Home Energy Management?

Home energy management refers to the monitoring and control of energy use within a household. It encompasses a wide range of technologies, including smart meters, energy-efficient appliances, and digital platforms that allow consumers to automate appliances and view and manage their energy consumption.


The Shift to Personalised Energy

Today's energy consumers are no longer passive recipients of a one-size-fits-all service. They want control over their energy use, and they expect personalised options that align with their values, such as choosing green energy sources and getting the best return on their investment in energy resources like solar and battery storage. This demand for a hyper-personalised energy experience has given rise to innovative solutions like Voltello.


A Hyper-Personalised Experience

Village Energy developed its solution with a consumer-centric mindset. Customers are not just consumers but producers and storers of energy. They have a vital role to play in the stability of the energy system. We understand individual energy consumption patterns, preferences, and needs, and we empower consumers with choices and rewards them with insights tailored to their households mix of energy appliances.


Engaging Consumers with Rewards and Choices

Real-Time Insights and Control
Village Energy offers a range of smart devices that households can self-connect using an intuitive mobile app. Village Energy provides real-time access to energy consumption. Consumers can view their energy usage, optimise their appliance preferences, and make the most of saving opportunities that optimise their energy use and meet their energy needs.

Rewards and Incentives
Innovation in home energy management isn't just about control; it's about incentivising positive behaviour. Appliance level automations and coupled with rewarding consumers for energy-efficient practices, such as using energy during off-peak hours or reducing consumption during peak times, energy providers can foster a more engaged and responsible consumer base.

A Flexible Solution
Stripped back, Village Energy’s Voltello platform is about achieving appliance-level visibility and control that benefits consumers and offers low-cost capacity to energy utilities. Village Energy has designed a series of attractive products that appeal to consumers desires for transparency and convenience. These products are 100% configurable and can be bundled to address a variety of use cases such as peak shaving, load shifting and low load or minimum demand issues.

Conclusion: Empowering Consumers in their Energy Journey

Home energy management is more than a technological advancement; it's a shift in the way energy is perceived and consumed. Platforms like Village Energy’s are leading this transformation by offering a connected energy management solution that delivers intra-home energy management with personalisation and engagement.

By giving consumers control, insight, and rewards, connected energy management is turning energy from a mere commodity into an experience that aligns with individual values and preferences. The future of energy is hyper-local, real-time, and consumer-centric, and innovative energy providers must embrace these changes to thrive in the new energy world.

With platforms like Voltello, the energy experience is no longer about units consumed; it's about partnership, choice, and empowerment. It's a future where energy providers and consumers work together to create a more sustainable and engaging energy landscape.

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