Village Energy Announces Exciting Partnership with iStore to Enhance Smart Energy Solutions

Village Energy Announces Exciting Partnership with iStore to Enhance Smart Energy Solutions

In an exciting development, Village Energy is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with iStore, a leading company in the renewable energy sector committed to innovation in sustainable energy. This partnership underscores the proactive approach of both companies to regulatory changes and market needs.  

Village Energy, known for our Voltello energy management products, including solar and battery system control gateways, smart thermostats, and more, aligns perfectly with iStore’s mission and values. "Partnering with iStore represents a milestone in our journey to provide advanced and sustainable home energy management solutions," said Wayne Liubinskas, CEO of Village Energy. "We share a common vision of innovation and customer satisfaction, and this strategic partnership is a testament to our commitment to leading the energy transition."

The collaboration between Village Energy and iStore will facilitate the integration of Village Energy’s gateway devices with iStore inverters, aligning with the latest CSIP-AUS requirements mandated by SolarVic. This will be extended to South Australia and Queensland starting from 1st July 2024, with potential adoption in other states soon after.

“Our alliance with iStore not only caters to the immediate needs of SolarVic customers but also sets the stage for long-term flexibility and innovation in energy solutions,” remarked Wayne Liubinskas. “Through this partnership, we aim to empower customers with cutting-edge solutions and access to modern energy retail offers and programs, like those offered by Amber Electric, thus enriching their energy experience.”

Village Energy is excited about the integration process with iStore, aimed for completion by 5th May 2024.

In her accompanying announcement, iStore CEO, Eliese De Oliveira remarked "Village Energy is a local business, offering smart solutions for solar and battery systems amongst other energy management assets. Their goals and ethos in the industry align closely with those of iStore. We are looking forward to working together to deliver another great solution to our customers.”

Village Energy is thrilled to be extending its product offering and reach as part of this partnership and will release future updates to keep new and existing customers informed of latest developments and advancements as they emerge.

Read more about iStore and this strategic partnership here


Understanding CSIP-AUS

The ‘Common Smart Inverter Profile Australia’ (CSIP-AUS) is a pivotal communication protocol designed to support the active management of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) within Australia’s electricity networks. This local adaptation of the international standard IEEE 2030.5-2018, or ‘2030.5’, plays a crucial role in the evolution of Australia’s renewable energy landscape, ensuring robust and efficient grid management during this period of energy transition.


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