Lasting social impact through partnerships

Lasting social impact through partnerships

In rural communities, women are often negatively impacted by unreliable electricity access. In India, Village Energy has partnered with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade via it Business Partnership Platform to provide inclusive and more affordable energy services, reaching more than 600 households so far. On International Rural Women's Day, we acknowledge that all over the world rural women are the backbone of their communities. In addition to farming the land and producing food, they raise families, care for the elderly and create the bonds which unite communities. They are also disproportionately affected by the economic impacts of COVID-19 , which means that building rural women and girls’ resilience is an urgent imperative now more than ever.

Co-founder Yvonne Power speaks with BPP about the importance of inclusive partnerships in achieving sustainable and impactful social and environmental impacts.

"When you're working and partnering with organisations that are focused on social outcomes it really helps you think about how your business can improve social impact objectives."

Our solution provides more inclusive and affordable energy services, which in turn provides opportunity for reduced manual workload of rural women. This means more time to spend with family, pursuit of education and small business enterprise.

We believe that a thriving woman , leads to a thriving community and we are excited about the opportunities that our solution can bring to women in villages all over the world.
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