5 Smart Home Automation Products that are Transforming Home Energy Management

5 Smart Home Automation Products that are Transforming Home Energy Management

As the world embraces sustainable living, managing home energy efficiently has become more crucial than ever. Village Energy is positioning itself between the household customer and the energy utility to be at the forefront of this transformation with our innovative smart automations, designed to help households save money, reduce their environmental footprint and respond to the increasing complexity of grid stability. Initially tailored for Amber Electric customers, we have expanded our offerings to benefit all Australian households. Let's explore how our five smart automation plans are setting the stage for the future of home energy management.

Solar for Amber: Making Every Watt Count

Our 'Solar for Amber' automation plan supports Amber Electric solar households. When the Amber feed-in tariff goes negative, our Voltello Link device curtails solar output to avoid charges for exporting energy. Our algorithm checks Amber's prices every five minutes and ensures timely adjustments, maintaining optimal energy usage. This smart automation helps you maximise the solar investment for and avoid unnecessary costs, paving the way for smarter energy consumption.

AirFlex 'Aircon for Amber': Comfort Meets Savings

With 'Aircon for Amber,' split system reverse-cycle air conditioners are connected to our AirFlex smart thermostat which adjusts the temperature based on Amber's dynamic buy prices, this plan keeps homes comfortable whilst manage energy spend. Whether it's a hot summer day or a chilly winter evening, the AirFlex optimises aircon load to match energy prices, ensuring efficient use of electricity within a comfort zone set by the customer. Minor adjustments, based on five-minute price updates, keeps the home environment comfortable while saving on energy bills.

Flexible Export Compliance: Smart Solar Integration

The 'Flexible Export Compliance' plan connects household solar inverter to the internet, allowing real-time adjustments to optimise solar energy exports. Complying with the latest government regulations, this plan ensures solar systems can participate in Flexible Exports, offering more opportunities to feed excess energy into the grid. With a compatible inverter and reliable internet, households can maximise their solar benefits while supporting grid stability and sustainability.

Surplus Solar for Comfort: Efficient Energy Use

'Surplus Solar for Comfort' is perfect for households with split system air conditioners and rooftop solar. Utilising Voltello's Link Solar Management Gateway and AirFlex Smart Thermostat, this plan dynamically adjusts aircon loads across the home based on solar production. By increasing the load during peak solar output and decreasing it when production drops, this automation ensures homes remains comfortable while efficiently using surplus solar energy. 

Aircon Control with Linkit+: Advanced Home Automation

Our 'Aircon Control with Linkit+' plan upgrades any remote-controlled split system air conditioner into a smart, energy-efficient unit. With the AirFlex Smart Thermostat and Linkit+ app, households gain comprehensive control over their home's climate and energy consumption. Easy to install and user-friendly, this automation helps optimise comfort and save on energy bills, making advanced home automation accessible to all.

Embracing the Future of Home Energy Management

At Village Energy, we believe that smart home energy management is the future. Our automation plans not only help homeowners save money but also contribute to a more sustainable energy system. By balancing local energy resources and integrating advanced technologies, we empower our customers to take control of their energy usage, reduce their carbon footprint, and support a more resilient grid.

As we continue to innovate, our upcoming plans, such as EV integration, will further enhance the smart home experience. With each new automation, we move closer to a future where homes are not just energy-efficient but also active participants in the energy ecosystem.

Explore our Shop and join us on this journey towards smarter, more sustainable living, and see how Village Energy is revolutionising home energy management for a better tomorrow.

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